Friday, May 24, 2013


I make Noah's food.  We are trying to go organic with the food, but we make sure all of Noah's food is organic. 
Noah is five months old and we started with food at four months. I know it seems early but when you realize that Noah is the size of an 18 month old and he already wants to eat everything he sees us eating... Let's just say that Noah has given us all the signs that he's ready to eat and we made an executive decision. 
Noah had some avocado for his first food. Then we tried sweet potatoes.  He loves avocados! He hates sweet potato.  Our new addition is applesauce. 
I mix everything with breast milk in the baby bullet until it's pretty liquidy (yes, I just made up that word). 
Noah ate about 1/3 of an apple.  He loves it!  He was licking it off his bib. 
My in-laws think it might be hard to get him to eat the vegetables now.  What do you think?
We'll find out tonight when we try the peas!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Flats Challenge

I cloth diaper exclusively and I thought it would be fun to try the Flats Challenge
I work full time, so the grandparents watch my son, Jonah, during the day.  I didn't expect them to get on board with the "diaper origami" (as The Husband calls it) or the handwashing, but I thought at least I could do it in the mornings and evenings. 
Let me give you some background: 
We have 18 flats in our stash that we use regularly. I do the "origami"  and everybody else just folds it up and stuffs it into a pocket diaper.

The Flats Challenge failed at my house on Tuesday.  Noah decided that it was great fun to kick as if he is trying to power one of those old fashioned airplanes with the pedals.  Now every time I try to change him, the race begins.  Flats started to seem really annoying and hand washing. As The Husband says "forget about it!" 

It's Thursday and I'm throwing in the towel...err...flat diaper.  We surrender.  I'll continue to use my flats, next week when Jonah isn't acting like the karate kid.  Hand washing? Never. I'm thankful for my machine and if it ever dies The Husband and I will go promptly to Sears.

If you're still doing the challenge. God Bless You and Good Luck!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sports Drinks & Breastfeeding

Wyspiański Motherhood

After I gave birth, I got hooked on Powerade drinks. The blue berry flavor to be exact.  I went from drinking one 32oz Powerade a day to three. I started to wonder about all that sugar and salt so I weaned myself and got back to my usual: strictly water.
After a month of working full time (I'm a teacher), I noticed my supply was dwindling.  I was getting less and less milk with each pumping session. I spoke with my lactation consultant and started on some Fenugreek (four pills 3x a day), brewer's yeast, and oatmeal cookies.  My milk supply came back, but it wasn't what it was before.
Then, I got a stomach bug and decided to try some Powerade to gain back some of the electrolytes.  Bam! More milk!
The lesson to be learned? Sometimes water really isn't enough. Maybe throw in a sport drink once in a while to boost your supply if you're having trouble.