Friday, July 7, 2017

My Little Scientist

Strangely, at least to me, many other homeschooling moms seemed baffled by my questions about science curriculum for my four year old. Some people even told me it wasn’t really necessary at his age.
I think science is a core subject and I can’t imagine leaving it out at any point. Besides that, Noodle loves science! He is fascinated by chemistry, biology, life science, and anatomy. I looked at several different Kindergarten curricula and continued to feel that the science for each wasn’t strong enough by itself.
I really like to tailor-make the lessons for Noodle anyway, so I started piecing things together.
AHere’s what science looks like for us:
I throw in books from our library related to different topics we are studying and episodes of the Magic School Bus from Netflix.
Image result for the magic school bus
I try to alternate what we do so our week ends up looking like this:
Monday: Berenstain Bears’ Book & a nature walk. Today the weather was lovely and we took a picnic to our local park and walked around looking for animals. Noodle & Nugget had fun tossing their apple cores and half eaten cheese puffs to the local squirrels.
Tuesday: We break out the Squishy Human Body and dissect it. Noodle loves pulling everything out and naming all the organs. After that, we usually watch an episode of the Magic School Bus on the couch while Nugget falls asleep. Then we finish up with our human body puzzle from T.Shure.

Wednesday: This is Noodle’s favorite day, because we always do a science experiment. We are currently working our way through all of the experiments in his Mind Blowing Science kit, but I tend to pull resources from the Primary Science kit (because the quality is way  better). Noodle loves anything that involves baking soda and vinegar. He also loves wearing his safety goggles. He’s pretty cute in them too.
Thursday & Friday:  We alternate between more of the Bears’ nature book and science experiments. These are the days we practice computer programming or “coding” with Robot Turtles too (more about those later).
Science is one of Noodle’s favorite subjects. At this point, Nugget loves the nature walks. The rest is all a bit much for her.