Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Homeschooling Week #5

This week is all about Harold & The Purple Crayon. I struggled to integrate the Bible lesson this week, so I decided to do it separately.  

We also focused a lot on color and imagination this week as part of our study.

This week is a "light" week. We spent some time reviewing what we learned about frogs and The Frog Prince last week. I was pleasantly surprised by how much he can recall.

We read the book and talked about it. Noah especially liked the part about the dragon in the book.  
We watched a DVD version of the book that involved someone reading the book and watching as the art work came to life on screen.

Nana taught Noah a song about the color purple that sounds a bit like a cheer. It's very cute, but I don't know all the words. 
Noah sings "P-U-R-P-L-E! Purple! Purple! Purple!" so that's all I know.

We played a seek and find game with various purple objects. The instructions I used were: "Find something purple." Noah wasn't very successful as we are just starting to learn about colors, but it was a great way to get the discussion started.

We painted with purple finger paint. Check out our art! (Image to the right.)

Bible Study:
This week we are talking about the Tower of Babel.  We will read the story in Noah's Bible picture book first. Then, we will watch a cute kids video read-along version from JC Play Zone. You can check it out here if you're interested.

We will focus on learning that God wants us to work together this week.

-Crazy Earth Mama