Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Homeschooling Week #3

From Head to Toe by Eric Carle is our focus for this week!

We will read Eric Carle's book as well as the story of creation in our toddler Bible.  
We will talk about all of the animals and how God made the animals and all the world.

Field Trip:
We will be visiting the local county museum to see the animal exhibits and talk about how the animals would have moved and what they might have sounded like.  
We don't have a zoo nearby, so seeing the animal exhibits at the museum is as close as we can get during the week.

Exploring Nature:
In true Charlotte Mason fashion, we will take a nature walk through our neighborhood and point out all the things God made. I'm giving Noah a plastic bag to save all the things he finds on his nature walk. Everything in the bag will be something God has made.I think it will be a great interactive lesson!

We will practice making our own versions of the animals in the book for craft time. Maybe I can even get him to use his hand print or foot print this time!

Aside from the wonderful music we will make while acting out the fun pages in Carle's book, we will learn a preschool song to go with our Bible story lesson.

God Made Me Lyrics:
From my head down to my toes, God made me
From my head down to my toes, God made me
From my head down to my toes, and my eyes and ears and nose
From my head down to my toes, God made me

^^ practice touching body parts as we say them in the song. This will make the song fun and interactive, help him remember the words, and practice labeling body parts.

Pictures to come!
-The Crazy Earth Mama