Monday, April 20, 2015

Homeschooling Week #4

This week is all about frogs! 
Our city has a frog themed festival to celebrate Spring every year at this time, so I have coordinated our lessons for the week to take full advantage of all the great free activities for children this week.
Noah will be reading The Frog Prince by Kathy Jo Wargin and focusing on frogs all week.

  • After reading the fairy tale, we will talk about the story and what it means. 
  • This week we will begin discussing our opinions about things by saying whether we liked the story or not and talking about our favorite or least favroite parts of the story.
  • We will participate in our local preschool literacy promotion program, Leap Into Literacy this week, where we can hear stories and earn books with other kids his age.
  • Noah has participated in Kindermusik! classes before and really enjoys them. I like that he gets to experiment with different musical instruments and learn about music while playing, dancing, and singing. Our community will be hosting a Kindermusik! dance class in the park where kids his age can learn about dance and rhythm. It's not frog related but it will be a great fun learning opportunity.  If you want to learn more about Kindermusik!, check out their website:
Froggy Picnic:
  • Picnic snacks at the park during the Kindermusik! event.
  • I found some great frog themed healthy snacks that Noah can participate in making and then enjoy eating! Click on the "healthy snacks" link above to find out how to make peanut butter apple frogs with your kiddos.
  • The Disappearing Frog Project event sponsored by our local Arts Council.
  • The project is an interactive art & science exhibit that will teach us about decline of frogs and ways we can protect our environment.  
  • There will be lectures about frogs for children, art from local artists, a frog puppet show, and a chance for children to create their own frog art.
  • This week we will be learning a frog counting song with puppets! Click here to get the lyrics & puppets for your own little one.
  • We will also be playing a counting game with a Lily Pad Hop! I got the idea from Toddler Approved.  It involves making lily pads and numbering them 1 through 5, check out the link to see just how it's done.
  • As an added bonus, we can practice hopping and "ribbits" during our lily pad game (Noah just loves pretending to be a frog!)
-The Crazy Earth Mama